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Market Briefs

18th March 2021


Mixed session as the week ends as the S&P 500 and Down Jones Industrial Average closed lower on Friday while the Nasdaq Composite and Russel 2000 closed higher.

S&P 500 (-0.06%)

Nasdaq Composite (+0.76%)

Russel 2000 (+0.91%)

Dow Jones Industrial Average (-0.71%)


Six out eleven S&P 500 sectors closed higher, while five reported lower.

Communication Services (+0.80%)

Consumer Discretionary (+0.80%)

Health Care (+0.36%)

Consumer Staples (+0.25%)

Utilities (+0.22%)

Energy (+0.01%)

Information Technology (-0.25%)

Materials (-0.48%)

Industrials (-0.73%)

Financials (-1.20%)

Real Estate (-1.26%)


Mixed session in the Treasury markets as well with investors still trying to comprehend the Fed’s meeting earlier this week.

United States 2-Year Bond Yield (-1.46%)

United States 5-Year Bond Yield (+0.58%)

United States 10-Year Bond Yield (+0.12%)

United States 30-Year Bond Yield (-0.56%)






The US Dollar Index decreased while the general commodities futures market had an increase. With the WTI and Brent now at 61.44 and 64.55 per barrel respectively.

DXY (-0.13%)

WTI (+2.37%)

Brent (+2.01%)

Nat Gas (+2.18%)

Gold (+0.53%)

Copper (-0.12%)


In Europe, both the STOXX 600 and UK’s FTSE 100 declined.

Stoxx 600 (-0.76%)

FTSE 100 (-1.05%)


While in Asia general declines were seen as well.

China SSE Composite (-1.69%)

Hang Seng Index (-1.41%)

KOSPI (-0.86%)

NIKKEI 225 (-1.41%)

17th March 2021


The S&P 500 DJIA rose 0.3% and 0.6% respectively closing at record highs on Wednesday while government bond yields eased at Federal Reserve Dovish policy statement.

In the Treasury markets, the 10-year yield settled at 1.64%, two basis points above yesterday's level while the 2-year yield declined one basis point to 0.13%. 

The US Dollar Index also fell 0.5% amidst signs of further inflation while the WTI crude futures settled lower by 0.3% to $64.61 per barrel.

Out of the eleven S&P 500 sectors, six sectors closed higher while five closed lower.

Consumer Discretionary (+1.41%)

Industrials (+1.12%)

Energy (+0.94%)

Materials (+0.90%)

Financials (+0.65%)

Communication Services (+0.22%)

Consumer Staples (-0.05%)

Information Technology (-0.11%)

Real Estate (-0.16%)

Health Care (-0.41%)

Utilities (-1.63%)


In Europe, the Stoxx 600 dipped 0.5% and London’s FTSE 100 dropped 0.6%.

While in Asia, China’s CSI 300 index climbed 0.8%, Hong Kong’s HSI 1.3% and South Korea’s KOSPI Index gained 0.61%.


Key US Economic Data

Housing starts declined 10.3% MoM

Building permits declined 10.8% MoM 

16th March 2021


The major indices closed mixed on Tuesday, as cyclical, value stocks underperformed as compared to growth, technology stocks. The S&P 500 lost its five days streak while treasury yields stabilised to close down 0.2%, while the Nasdaq rose marginally by 0.1%.


Treasury markets saw strong demand out of the $24 billion auction of 20-year bonds with its yields at 2.29% now. With the 10-year a yield now at 1.62% while the 2-year steadies at 0.14%.


The U.S. Dollar Index eked up a little and is now at 91.87 while the WTI fell 1.1% to $64.66 per barrel and Brent dropping 0.9% cent to $68.24 per barrel.

Palladium jumped more than 4% to $2,507/oz and is currently at its yearly high after the world’s largest producer of palladium cut its forecast for output after partially suspending two big mines due to flooding.


Out of the eleven S&P 500 sectors, seven closed lower while four closed higher.

Communication Services (+0.93%)

Information Technology (+0.79%)

Utilities (+0.10%)

Consumer Staples (+0.07%)

Real Estate (-0.02%)

Health Care (-0.04%)

Consumer Discretionary (-0.87%)

Materials (-0.87%)

Financials (-1.13%)

Industrials (-1.44%)

Energy (-2.83%)


In Europe, the Stoxx 600 gained 0.9% while The UK’s FTSE 100 closed up 0.8%

While in Asia, China’s CSI 300 index, Hong Kong’s HSI and South Korea’s KOSPI Index gained 0.9%, 0.7% and 0.7% respectively.


Key US Economic Data

Total retail sales declined 3.0% MoM

Retail sales, ex-autos, declined 2.7% MoM

Total industrial production decreased 2.2% MoM

The NAHB Housing Market Index decreased to 82 in March from 84.0 in February.

15th March 2021


The VIX dropped below 20 as both the S&P 500 index and the Nasdaq rose by 60 and 50 basis points respectively for record finishes, while yields on the 10- and 30-year each dropped a couple basis points to 1.6% and 2.35%, respectively.  WTI crude dipped to $65.39 per barrel with Brent with a slightly higher drop of 0.5% to $68.88 per barrel, gold advanced to $1,730/oz.

Europe saw the Stoxx 600 index closed flat, with Germany’s Xetra Dax lost 0.3% while the UK’s FTSE 100 dropped 0.2%.

While in Asia, China’s CSI 300 index dipped 2.2%, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng gained 0.3% and South Korea’s Kospi loss 0.3%.

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